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6464 Series Box Car

Welcome to the most collected item ever manufactured by Lionel -- the 6464 freight car series. Externally, these freight cars are colorful, have varied graphics & road names plus they look great when displayed on a wall as each box car is mainly a miniature billboard. And with only 29 stock numbers to acquire -- it's a manageable task when you get underway.

However, once you are bitten by the 6464 bug, you quickly realize the 29 Lionel offerings quickly multiply to dozens and dozens, if not over a hundred variations! From different truck types (bar-end vs. AAR), door types (single vs. multi-block), rivets (varied rows and patterns) to internal mold designs, you quickly realize trying to obtain one of each will require significant time and money to complete your collection.

For this website, we've provided photos and historical information on all 29 base offerings as well as a handful of interesting, unique and odd variations. Enjoy the following pages -- there are dozens and dozens of photos available in the entries below.

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