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The initial fun of watching a small train going round and round in a circle soon leads to boredom for most of us. Lionel had just the cure for that problem -- accessories! Lots of them were created by their very talented engineers -- ranging from small trackside signals to the massive and complicated Bascule Bridge. There were also coal loaders, newsstands, dispatch boards and the ubiquitous gateman to capture our attention. These are just a sampling of the many accessories provided by Lionel to enhance a layout. The animation and sideline activity generated by these add-ons helped to transform a mundane starter set into a true model railroading empire.

Click on any of the entries in the chart listed below. You'll be presented with detailed information on the specific item. Every listing contains specific product data with a brief history of the item and at least one photo. Whether doing some serious research on model trains or simply taking a stroll down memory lane, take your time as you absorb the pages that follow. Some of you will view the exact trains you had while growing up, some will recognize the trains your parents had, others will discover startling facts about the glory years of a company that has become a piece of Americana.

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