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EP5 Rectifier

EP-5’s are double-ended rectifier electric locomotives built by General Electric exclusively for the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad. In total, only 10 units were built in 1955 and all were assigned to haul passenger trains between New York City and New Haven, Connecticut. The EP-5’s were the first AC passenger electric locomotives to use rectifiers to convert AC current from overhead wires to DC current for the traction motors.

Commonly called Jets due to the roaring sound made by their main blowers, EP-5’s had the reputation for rapid acceleration and high pulling capacity. Unfortunately, they also had a tendency to overheat and catch fire due to the crowded, poorly ventilated internal component arrangement. By the early 1970’s most EP-5s were replaced by the far more reliable GG1 locomotive and by 1979, all EP-5’s were scrapped.

Lionel’s model of the EP-5 is an excellent representation of the real life locomotive. What’s even more impressive is Lionel was able to create, design and produce a model of the EP-5 only one year after the real diesel was delivered to the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad!

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