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Box Style Freight Cars

Railroad boxcars are probably the best-recognized piece of equipment ever put into service on a railroad. It has a history tracing back to the earliest years when railroads realized that some freight needed more protection from Mother Nature. However, after the turn of the 20th century the boxcar truly became an industry icon and has remained so through today. Over time railroads realized, largely through complaints by shippers, that more specialized cars were needed to haul unique types of freight. This issue led to the development of the well car, autorack, refrigerator car, stock car and several other specific designs.

During the postwar Lionel years, this practice was taken to a new level. In addition to many traditional looking boxcars such as the 6454 and 6464 series boxcars, Lionel also modified cars to create some interesting rolling freight cars such as the absurd 3435 Aquarium car and ridiculous 6445 Fort Knox Mint car. Those cars are clever examples of modifying the basic boxcar.


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