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Freight Cars

Box cars ... flatcars ... tank cars ... cranes ... the list goes on and on. Throughout the entire postwar era, Lionel tried to create different, unique and prototypical freight cars into its own line of toy trains. This approach ensured there was a perfect match for every dad and son in Lionelville!

During the 1940s, Lionel trains were very realistic -- and in many cases, simple, plain and functional -- just like the real railroads. However, some would say their offerings were too realistic -- and somewhat boring. As Lionel transitioned into the 1950's, their trains became more colorful, creative and designs were sometimes loosely based upon a prototypical freight car. However, by the 1960's their freight cars were whimsical, odd, dangerous and in some cases so far from realistic, it was borderline comical or surreal!

No matter what era you prefer, Lionel has an abundance of options, styles, colors and variations to choose from as you build your collection.

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