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Train Master

The H-24-66 is a diesel electric locomotive manufactured by the Fairbanks-Morse company. Produced between 1953 and 1957, 2,400 horsepower road switchers were commonly known as Train Masters. Touted by Fairbanks-Morse as "...the most useful locomotive ever built...", it used a unique opposed piston designed engine. At the time of production, the Train Master was the most powerful single-engine diesel locomotive available at the time and was legendary for its pulling power and rapid acceleration.

Lionel’s version of the FM Train Master is an excellent model of the real life counterpart. At 17" in length, it is the longest postwar diesel manufactured by Lionel. With its dual motors and several premium features, the Train Master model has remained in high demand by collectors and operators over the past half century.

Lionel produced the Train Master in three roadnames; Lackawanna, Virginian and Jersey Central. All three were produced with prototypical paint schemes and remain popular these days.