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As Lionel entered the 1950's, the company initiated a manufacturing and consumer shift from the traditional black steam locomotive to all new, colorful diesel and electric locomotives. Additionally, America was moving to the suburbs and Lionel kept abreast of this market with the introduction of several electric locomotives including the popular GG-1.

Since the GG-1 was a common site on the Pennsylvania railroad, this was a logical choice to appear in the world of Lionel. Originally offered in 1947 as the 2332 Pennsylvania single motor GG-1 without Magnetraction, Lionel upgraded the GG-1 to be a dual motor, Magnetration version in 1950. Thereafter, the GG-1 remained in the production cycle until the end of the postwar years. Additionally, Lionel also modeled a couple of lesser known rectifier style locomotives for their consumers. Ultimately, this era resulted in some of the most interesting (and now rare) electric locomotives ever produced by Lionel.

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