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463W: Four Car Steam Freight Set


For those looking to include the ultimate postwar train set in their collection, set 463W is for you! This is the first, and only, train set produced by Lionel for the 1945 season.

When World War II ended, Lionel had minimal little time to prepare and produce a line of trains for the upcoming Christmas season. In an effort to get 'something' out to the public, Lionel focused its resources on producing only one set. This single set was outfit 463W, a nice 027 gauge freight set with all high-quality components.

Standard components of this set include:

  • 224 Prairie steam locomotive
  • 2466WX Whistling Tender
  • 2452 Pennsylvania gondola
  • 2458 Pennsylvania automobile box car
  • 2555 Sunoco tank car
  • 2457 Pennsylvania caboose
  • 167 Whistle Controller
  • Plus: 027 gauge track, RCS remote control track and instruction booklet.
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