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N5c Caboose

The N5 caboose was introduced in 1914 for the Pennsylvania railroad and remained a staple on that railroad until the late 1930's. However, the Pennsylvania railroad wanted to upgrade the caboose quarters for its crew and it introduced the N5a in 1937. After a few years, the N5b was introduced in 1941, followed by the N5c in 1942.

Lionel's version of the N5c is scale-like and closely resembles the real life counterpart. With many N5c's having dual couplers, interior lighting and detailed end platforms, the handsome N5c caboose has remained a popular choice for both operators and collectors.

With Lionel looking to add a new caboose to its O gauge line in the early 1950's, the local Pennsylvania N5c was a logical choice. And although the real caboose eventually faded away on the real railroads in the 1980's -- in the world of Lionel the caboose still remains a staple on many of their sets.

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