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3366 Circus Stock Car & Corral


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Production:  1959 - 1961

For 1959, Lionel redecorated its existing 3356 Horse Car and Corral to come up the colorful 3366 Circus Car and Corral. Other than their colors, the two freight cars and accessories are identical.

The 3366 Circus Car and Corral Set consisted of two main components -- a circus car and corral. Although the 3366 never achieved the popularity and success of the 3356 horse car, it is a nice, colorful and dependable accessory. Locating a complete set with box, insert, instructions and all other necessary hardware is rare.

Standard features of the 3366 Circus Car and Corral Set include:

  • Corral - Sheet-metal base with white plastic corral side fencing, gray corral paths and a red-painted interior assembly. There are two black metal clips attached to the sides which are used to properly position the corral next to the track. The corral is the most fragile component of the set. Frequently, the white corral fencing is cracked or broken.
  • Horses - A set of 9 all white rubber horses were included in their own separate sale box (numbered 3366-100).
  • 3366 Circus Car - Consisted of an unpainted white body with red lettering, two operating doors on one side and a single opening center door on the opposite side, metal brakewheel plus bar-end trucks with operating couplers.
  • Other Hardware - Other items included with a complete set include; instruction sheet, 364 operating switch and wire.

Additional Detail, Photos & Box Information
It is very common for the circus car to have faded to an off-white or cream color. Original, pure white examples are rare.

Only Known Variation - Shown in first photo above - All Circus cars are white with red lettering.

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